About Me

good-01I am a freelance videographer and photographer currently living in Topeka, KS.  I attended film school at Columbia College Chicago where I studied filmmaking and screenwriting.   I moved to Los Angeles shortly after finishing school to continue my career.   I started my own production company and worked with some amazing clients in film and photography for nearly 10 years.  In addition to working as a SAG/AFTRA Actor, I was involved with product, fashion, props and set construction with Disney, on the Disney Catalog.  I also had the privilege to work on the Martha Stewart Catalog where I was a photo assistant and did set dressing. I was a photo assistant and did production work with Home Depot, Architectural Digest,  and many others.  I have learned so much from some great filmmakers/photographers over the years, Michael Margulies (ASC), Alex Hillkurtz, Tom Rafalovich, Johan Petierse, Art Balena, Ben Steinmann and many more.

I have been back in Topeka for five years.  I started working freelance with an  ad  agency in town and was eventually brought on as their audio/video editor as well as their director of social media.  It was an amazing learning experience and only promoted my passion of film, video and photography.  I feel honored to have won a gold Addy for video editing and a silver Addy for work on a website in 2009.  Recently, I have worked as a videographer/editor/photographer with AOL, Studio Now, Demand Media, SoMedia, TK Magazine, MVP Magazine eHow and many others.


So, here we are.  If you want a fresh take on images and vision, you are certainly at the right place.  You will get a very personal experience.  Every project is different, every client has needs that others don’t.  My attention is to the details in the imagery, not on the invoice. Again, thanks for looking!  I hope to work with you soon.

Studio: 785.409.9339

2020 SW Birchwood Lane
Topeka, KS  66604